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That's the end of the current series of UKBoating! We're busy planning the next one though, so if you have any thoughts and ideas on what the show should or shouldn't be about, then let us know via the contact-us page!
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Episode 24
First Airing: 18th June 2012
Our ever-intrepid Rebecca Bruce is let loose in the London Canal Museum - packed with fascinating exhibits from the world of narrowboating. Then, it's all aboard with John Checkley who takes us on a small tour of North London courtesy of the Angel Community Canal Boat Trust. Then weigh anchors for Roydon Marina Village, in the northern end of the Lee Valley Regional Park, 'London's biggest open space'! Before a look back at some of the fun times and bloopers from the making of the series. Enjoy!
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Episode 23
First Airing: 4th June 2012
This time around, we’re off to the River Avon’s beautiful Bredon Marina on the Wiltshire & Gloucestershire border. Next, volunteers from the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust talk to us about Wharf House, a unique initiative where a top-class restaurant puts its profits towards restoring waterways. Then a quick history lesson about the heritage boats afloat in Over basin.
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Episode 22
First Airing: 21st May 2012
We head up to Nottingham this time around to visit Beeston marina. Then it's over to PJ Barber a boat builders with a passion for restoring old work boats to their original trading state and lastly we pop down to Leicestershire to learn about the Foxton Inclined Plane and the mechanical marvels involved in it's construction.
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Episode 21
First Airing: 7th May 2012
UK Boating is off to Shepperton where we have a nose around Shepperton Marina and then it's time for something completely different as we investigate Dutch Steel cruisers, their origins and how they fit into the UK boat market. Plus we take a look at one of the seven wonders of the waterways, the Bingley 5-rise locks.
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Episode 20
First Airing: 23rd April 2012
This time we learn about dredging, the process that keeps our waterways up to standard and in a navigable condition. Then we pay a visit to the beautiful 'Lady Teal' a five star hotel barge on the Leeds and Liverpool canal. But not before your favourite feature, the marina review this time at Val Wyatt Marine in Wargrave, Berkshire.
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Episode 19
First Airing: 9th April 2012
This episode of UK Boating takes us to Hillmorton Wharf Marina in Warwickshire, and then over the county border to Northamptonshire to visit the Stoke Bruerne canal museum, where we hear from an accomplished British folk artist about the fascinating origins of the ‘Roses and Castles’ painting style.
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Episode 18
First Airing: 26th March 2012
UK Boating are back in the Broads! Rebecca and the team head to King's Lynn to find CW Engineering, a firm recently contracted by the Environment Agency to maintain and refurbish its locks in the Central Anglia region. Then it's off to Fox Boats for a nose around their marina and we find out all about the process of lengthening a boat.
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Episode 17
First Airing: 12th March 2012
We head west to the county of Wiltshire where we talk to Mark Stephens from BW about the issues concerning the low water levels in the canal, and the Kennet and Avon canal trust tell us of the restoration process that led to it gaining its cruiseway status last year. Plus a visit to Caen Hill Marina and we see the progress of the winter maintenance on Crofton Beam Engines.
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Episode 16
First Airing: 27th February 2012
Rebecca and the team head up the Thames to Windsor where we find Stanley & Thomas the boat builders and J Sutton the oar and Cornish gig makers. The fleet of hire boats at Boating Holiday Rentals go under the microscope and we visit the beautifully set Windsor Marina.
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Episode 15
First Airing: 13th February 2012
UK Boating are visiting Henley-on-Thames! The boat builders Henwood & Dean are showing us what goes on in their extensive workshop. The 350 acre Harleyford Estate is home to one of the few marinas that has achieved the 5 Gold Anchor Award and Hobbs of Henley established in the late 1800's show us their fleet of fantastic river cruisers.
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Episode 14
First Airing: 30th January 2012
We're off to Rickmansworth today where we meet Karen Fishwick, the volunteer co-ordinator of the South for British Waterways. Andrew Phasey from the Boat Safety Scheme tells us exactly what's involved in an essential inspection for all canal boats. We find out about different educational courses offered at Rickmansworth Waterways Trust and finally we visit the wonderfully rural yet connected Harefield Marina.
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Episode 13
Monday January 16th 8pm
Rebecca and the team take a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon where we visit Valley Wharf marina to hear about the moorings and facilities they have right in the centre of town! We hear from Nick Birch, a trustee of the Avon Navigation Trust, about the river and its history. Lastly we meet Sam Thorpe, a service technician at Avon Boating, about what's involved in the servicing of an outboard engine.
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Episode 12
Monday January 2nd 8pm
As the year draws to an end we reminisce over all the fun times we've had here on UK Boating and bring you our "best of"! It was really hard for us to decide what to choose but sure enough we whittled it down to a few that we're sure you'll love! And look out for the blooper reel!
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Episode 11
Monday December 19th 8pm
UK Boating takes to Milton Keynes and we see what the Grand Union canal has to offer. We visit Wyvern Shipping Co who tell us exactly what happens when a boat needs to be dry docked. We also get a tour of the 'Ocean Princess' a seaworthy narrowboat and hear of her voyages around the UK. Willowbridge marina shows us through their boatyard and let us in to their plans to create another 140 moorings.
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Episode 10
Monday December 5th 8pm
We're in London this week where we meet a representative from British Waterways who takes us on a trip around Little Venice. Also we speak with the RNLI and Chiswick Pier Trust to get an idea of what they do for the local community.
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Episode 9
Monday November 21st 8pm
UK Boating heads off to the Wilts and Berks Trust to speak with John Laverick and Tim Pyatt about the fascinating history of their waterways, and Mike Lang tells us all about the new award-winning developments along the waterfront around Swindon. Then we're off to Trowbridge in Wiltshire where Rebecca has a chat to John Froggatt of Hilperton Marina who tells us about the wonders of the local area and the environmental upgrades that ABC leisure have in mind for their car park.
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Episode 8
Monday November 7th 8pm
A 'Green' episode this time around as we travel to Poole harbour, the second largest harbour in the world, to visit Salterns Brokerage and board some environmentally friendly hybrid boats. Then we're off to the river Frome to speak with Aly Maxwell from the Environment Agency to hear about their rehabilitation plans for their stretch of the waterway.
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Episode 7
Monday October 24th 8pm
Rebecca heads over to Pyrford Marina on the River Wey in Surrey on the first day of a 38day berth extension project. Adrian Bird of the River Wey Trust talks to us about the river itself. Then it's off to the Surrey Care Trust to observe how boating is being used as therapy for disadvantaged young adults before visiting the Caravan & Boat Seat Cover Centre to see how they ply their trade.
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Episode 6
Monday October 10th 8pm
This week we talk to the Basingstoke Canal Authority, we visit the Thames & Kennet marina just outside Reading, Andy Harris guides us through the bewildering array of boating satellite TV options and we're given the inside track on passing the CCBM by an examiner.
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Episode 5
Monday September 26th 8pm
In episode 5, we travel to the beautiful Cotswolds! We talk to the Cotswold Canal Trust about the £25million restoration project in the west of the network, take a visit to Saul Junction marina, so-called for its position on the corner of the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal and the Stroudwater Canal. Andy Harris discusses how to choose the right solar panel for your boat and we learn about the historic Sapperton Tunnel.
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Episode 4
Monday September 12th 8pm
UK Boating speaks to Tony Hales, chairman of British Waterways about the organsation's transformation into a charity. Charles Sterling busts the myth that generators are the only way to run large appliances in a boat, we visit Calcutt Marina in Warwickshire and Rebecca Bruce does the Hatton Flight!
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Episode 3
Monday August 29th 8pm
We visit the recently restored Iron Trunk Aqueduct in Buckinghamshire, talk to residents and visitors at Milton Keynes marina and take a look at a 103yr old barge. For all you techies out there, Charles Sterling talks to us about efficient battery charging.
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Episode 2
Monday August 15th 8pm
UK Boating talks to British Waterways about the specially set-aside 2012 Olympic moorings in London's east-end. Charles Sterling talks to us about choosing the right battery for your boat.
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Episode 1
Monday August 1st 8pm
The first outing with new presenter Rebecca Bruce who introduces her charity on the Kennet & Avon canal: The Bruce Trust. We visit Devizes Marina in Wiltshire and Charles Sterling busts the myth that bigger is better when it comes to your boat's alternator.