We feel there's a colourful array of reasons to advertise with us. We've listed a few of them here, but if you'd rather have a proper chat, feel free to contact us directly:

Oliver Gibbs: 020 7131 6695 / Mike Buttigieg: 020 7131 6697

So, why advertise with us...?

Because we're watching more TV than ever!

Contrary to common public belief, we're still watching more and more television with every passing year. On average, in 2011 we will spend more than 28hours watching television every week!

Because we have more viewer choice than ever!

The last three years has seen more than 160 new satellite TV channels launch in the UK. With this unprecedented amount of choice, viewers are spending more and more time seeking out the shows that appeal directly to them, and less time watching the original 'mainstream' TV channels.

Because there's no wastage

Our programme is about inland waterways, boats, marinas and all that entails. We're don't try to appeal to everybody watching TV, just those who are interested and care about the UK's waterway lifestyle. That means every penny you spend on advertising with us, reaches precisely the people you want.

Because TV is the most effective marketing medium

The IPA book ‘Marketing in the Era of Accountability’, by Peter Field and Les Binet, conducted an analysis of 880 IPA Effectiveness Awards case studies from the last 27 years and found that campaigns using TV significantly outperform those that have not.

Because we provide the highest return on investment

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ ‘Payback Study’, commissioned by Thinkbox, rigorously and independently analysed 760 brands in 7 markets and found, pound for pound, TV to deliver the greatest return; £4.50 per £1 spent.

Because our campaigns have the longest after-effects

The PwC research also showed that TV campaigns carry on working well after the campaign period, delivering significant impact on sales 2-3 years after the advertising took place. It also demonstrated that TV is the most influential driver of brand value, as measured by consumer willingness to pay for the brand name.