Previous Winners

Previous UK Boating Prize Draw Winners

02/07/12: 2 x BNL Travel Irons: Moira Parman from Lincolnshire and Christina Palmer from Essex.

13/06/12: Boost Signal Amplifier from Fringe Eletronic: Pamela Bray from Truro, Paul Massey from Bedfordshire, Rob Williams from Derby, Paul Fixter from Leicester, Caroline Tyrrell from Northants, Paul Lewis from Lincolnshire, John Slee from Lancaster, David Mcguire from Glasgow, Jack Birchley from Essex and Trevor Huxley from Bromsgrove.

25/06/12: 5 x Crick Boat Show Tickets: Jamie Hughes from Middlesex, Sharon Bridges from West Midlands, Charles Wells from Thornhill, Joe Wright from Hertforshire and Trevor Ford from Stafforshire.

06/05/12: 1 x Collapsible cooking pot and funnel & 10 collapsible buckets: Congratulations to Peter from Rutland, Liam from Heckington, Michael from Cambridgeshire, Josie Wier, Charles from Thornhill, Richard from Leicester, Nigel from Wellington, Neil from Wallesey, Mervyn from Cambridgeshire, Alfred from Essex and Rod from West Sussex.

22/4/12: 1 x 18.5" LED TV from Avtex: Congratulations to Jim from Peterborough

08/04/12: 1 x Mid-week break from Fox Narrow Boats: Congratulations to Melvin from Stowmarket

25/03/12: 2 x RecordR Radios from Roberts: Congratulations to Dianne from East Sussex and Leila from Pytchley

11/02/12: 2 x Sets of Pearson Canal Companion guide books: Congratulations to Dianne from East Sussex and Brian from Spalding.

26/02/12: 2 x short breaks on a 4 berth narrow boat: Congratulations to Dave from Yelverton and Manthe from Claygate.

12/02/12: 1 x rope fender & 2 x mooring ropes: Congratulations to Adrian from Staffordshire, John from Lancashire and Sue from Berkshire.

30/01/12: 10 x Waste system care kits from Isabis Leisure: Congratulations to Greg from Aldridge, Solange from Hammersmith, Emma from Sittingbourne, Nicola from St Helens, Alice from Tillicoultry, Elaine Taylor, Julie from Portsmouth, Katherine from Derby, Nichola from Warrington and John from Leigh.

15/01/12: A mattress topper, 2 x pillows and a his and hers cushion from Zonesleep: Congratulations to Darren from Saltford, Stephen from East Grinstead and Nichola from Warrington.

01/01/12: 4 x Marine Cleaning Kits from Muc-Off: Congratulations to Elizabeth from Conwy, Dave from Didcot, Nigel from Mollington and John from Liverpool

18/12/11: 3 x TVs from TV-Village: Congratulations to Andy from Torquay, Caroline from Nottingham and Andrea from Northamptonshire

4/12/11: 5 x Smokie Joe's Boating Accessories. Congratulations to Malcolm Godefroy from Worcester, Rebecca Thomes from Newport, Len Tiernan from Houghton-le-Sprin, Dan Caldon from Chesterfield and Chris Cleade from Ashford.

20/11/11: One years free boat insurance with Towergate Mardon. Congratulations to Roger Filler from Hertfordshire

6/11/11: 5 x Pack away kettles from Wacky Practicals. Congratulations Pamela Browett from Birmingham, Nicola Davock from Merseyside, Gary Seward from Swindon, James Bagnall from Yorkshire and Jamie Glew from Newcastle

25/09/11: 20 x 1litre tubs of 'Skipper's Choice' boat cleaner. Congratulations to Roy from Hitchin, Mayur from Oxshott, Andy from Crostwick, Simon from Gloucester, Hannah from Bingley, Colin from Bicester, pamela from Leeds, Elaine from New Milton, Julie from Poole, Cathryn from Telford, Jennie from Birmingham, Steve frmo Northwich, Elaine from Trowbridge, Dianne from St Leonards-on-sea, Arthur from Daventry, David from Chipping Campden, Adrian from Portsmouth, Elaine from Mansfield, Bridget from High Wycombe and Donna from Cornwall.

11/09/11: Complete set of signed 'Muddy Waters' boating childrens books. Congratulations to Diane from Southampton.

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Episode 24
First Airing: 18th June 2012
Our ever-intrepid Rebecca Bruce is let loose in the London Canal Museum - packed with fascinating exhibits from the world of narrowboating. Then, it's all aboard with John Checkley who takes us on a small tour of North London courtesy of the Angel Community Canal Boat Trust. Then weigh anchors for Roydon Marina Village, in the northern end of the Lee Valley Regional Park, 'London's biggest open space'! Before a look back at some of the fun times and bloopers from the making of the series. Enjoy!